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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 12, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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you are really far inrabid. there is a little system spinning in here. temperatures today will be in the 70s. 60s and 70s and 80s. this is clear to near average. nice to warm temperatures heading steady today. a little cool down kicks it in on thursday and friday. here is sal. steve, good morning. right foul we're looking at most of the commute doing well expect for the one spot on the peninsula. northbound 280 which we will tell you about in just a moment. the scene of a fatal accident. that is where alex is. in the meantime let's check out other commutes. westbound bay bridge traffic is moving along relatively well. this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. traffic is looking good here both directions.
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and if you are driving into livermore valley westbound 580 off to a good start. it's looking good all the way through castro valley. 238 looks good. there are problems on the peninsula. at 4:30 let's go back to the desk. >> we begin with developing news where there has been a deadly crash on northbound 280. it happened at 11:00 just south of the onramp. >> reporter: chp is describing this is a party bus. lost control late last night when it was heading north on 280. just south of the alpine road exit. the bus lost control, slammed
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into a tree. went down 20 feet or so. during the crash the whole right side of that bus was sheered off. the crash happened just before 11:00 last night. northbound 280 just south of alpine road. the first officers that came up on this scene found one man dead inside the wrecked bus. he was the passenger. but the driver of the bus was nowhere to be found. a short time later officers did find a man walking on a roadway nearby and the chp is trying to figure out if he is the driver. although that man is not being cooperative. >> so at this point we are looking to see whether he was a driver or if he was in any way involved in the collision. if he was not the driver we will try to get his information. >> the chp says that man possibly the driver is being detained and he could face charges depending on what
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officers figure out. now the man who was killed in this crash late last night we're told that he was in his mid to late 30s and from san francisco. the party bus itself doesn't belong to a company of any kind. it appears to be privately owned. it appears to be a truck that was converted or a van that was converted into a party bus. there were tvs and vcr's on board. this scene is beginning to wrap up. they have towed that bus out of the way here and they will be reopening the lanes shortly. live near portola valley alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. bart trains are running after a judge issued a 60 day cooling off period to stop another possible strike. yesterday in a rare hearing a superior court judge approved an injunction. that means bart workers cannot
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go on strike until october 10th. for more details on bart contract negotiations katie utehs joins us live. >> reporter: bart contends the distance between the two sides is based on money. contract negotiators called it quits around 7:00 last night. they are both heading home for the cooling off period. tom hawk is going home to cincinnati. >> we are not done. so you have to keep looking for ways to resolve it. like i said to someone earlier today i'm not happy leaving without a settlement. >> reporter: one union leader alleges hawk is the reason they haven't reached an agreement. >> they hired somebody that causes strikes. that is their negotiating tactic to put the pressure on the bay area. >> reporter: there has been some headway. bipartition general manager says they increased their
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payoff to a 10% payoff for four years. there has been some mention on pension contribution. at this point there has not been a date set for negotiations to resume. talks could start again later this week. coming up, the bart board has remained hands off so far but the rounds may change. live in the newsroom katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news . >> thank you. do you think the 60 day cooling off period help or will bart workers hold another strike when it ends? join the conversation on our facebook page. eric holder will outline changes in the nation's drug sentencing policies. he is the key speaker at the annual meeting. he plans to announce changes in
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scaling back prison sentences in minor drug offenses. currently federal prisons are operating at a nearly 40% above capacity with almost half the inmates serving time for drug related crimes. former secretary of state will make an appearance at the american bar association in san francisco. that is at 3:00 this afternoon. she will also address the delegates. coming up as state lawmakers get back to work in sacramento, the wide ranging gun control legislation topping their agenda. dubbed the american fire, it's burning in the tahoe national forest about 37 miles northeast of auburn. it started on saturday afternoon and it's giving off heavy spoke that has drifted
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into reno. fire engine hoses can't reach the flames. crews have been fighting from above. >> we are a few days a week before we have a good handle on this. >> five crews, three bulldozer, and three engines are staffing the fire right now. large team also said to join the fire fight today the cause of the fire still not known. a sink hole has swallowed up part of a resort this morning. >> one person had to break out of a window as the door frame
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collapsed. >> she says the resort security guard muscled his way into rooms to get guests out. a teenager from southern california who is the subject of a multistate amber alert has been reunited with her father. 16-year-old hannah anderson was rescued in the idaho wilderness on saturday. a couple out horse back riding spotted them on wednesday. they called police. >> the news flashed on. the amber alert was on the television. i said that is the girl we seen on the mountain. >> the suspects blue nissan which was part of the amber alert was found in the wilderness. it's a photo there that he used
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piles of brush, twigs, and logs to hide that car. happening today in san diego a rally calling for the resignation of bob filner who is accused of harassing more than a dozen women. the entire san diego city council and senator boar bra boxer have -- barbara boxer have asked him to stand down. >> i think it sends a clear message. the people have spoken. you are not welcome. >> over the weekend mayor filner left an intensive therapy program one week earlier than expected. he is taking this week off to continue therapy as an outpatient. the group breathe owl breathe says it happened between midnight and 11:00 a.m. on friday. the van was parked off dwight
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place and dwight way. the group says everything inside the locked vehicle amounted to more than $20,000. >> we vas have to question was it someone that saw us in san francisco with all of our gear as we packed it wac into our van and followed us? >> a teenager donated a vehicle for them to make a performance. now the group has to raise enough money to buy new equipment and make it back home. right now it's 4:40. we have new developments linked to the asiana airlines crash. coming up at 5:00 the payout each victim is expected to receive and why that amount could change once the investigation is over. and litter is not just an annoying eyesore in one local city. it could soon be a crime that could cost you thousands of
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the father of former nsa contractor edward snowden is speaking out in defense of his son. he has not yet had any direct contact with his son but he plans to visit him in russia soon. he calls president obama's statement that he is not a patriot political hatred. >> the american people are absolutely unhappy with what they have learned and more will be forthcoming. >> russia granted edward snowden a year of temporary asylum earlier this month.
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state lawmakers get back to work today in sacramento with a wide range of run control bills topping their today list. the proposalled gun control legislation will give california the most stringent gun laws in the country. today the senate appropriations committee will hear legislation already passed by the assembly. including bills that will create a state data base of all gun purchases. new figures show violent crime in every bay county expect for marin county. that is compared to 541 the year before. however other crimes like burglary, theft, and arson went up. a body found in vacaville
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could be identified this afternoon and the family of a missing oakland woman is saying it could be her. sandra coke disappearanced a week ago. on friday police moved the search and found a body. police were following up on a lead after arresting randy alana. here's a person of interest in coke's disappearance in in a statement yesterday coke's family said our hearts are heavy to think she may not be coming back home to us. but we have been sustained through this ordeal by the outpouring of love, concern, and prayers from all of you. people who illegally dump trash in oakland could be criminally charged and forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines. the penalties are part of a new effort to keep abandoned furniture and other waste off city streets. >> i don't want to -- it's
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going to cost them a lot more to dump on the sidewalks if they get caught. >> the city is asking people who witness illegal dumping to take photos and take down license plates. next month the city attorney will ask them to make illegal dumping a misdemeanor. there is a report that apple plans to unvail the next generation iphone in less than a month. apple will show saw a new phone on september 10th as it gears up for holiday sales. apple not commenting. >> as usual. time is 4:47. let's go to sal. sal, how are things at the toll plaza? >> right now traffic looks good westbound at the toll plaza. there is a little bit of a wait in some of the cash lanes but it's not a huge delay. once you get on the bridge it looks good. also the morning commute looks
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good on interstate 880 in oakland. both directions here. i want to mention that earlier sig alert where you saw that report that alex did, all the lanes are open in that area. is let's go to steve. thank you, sir. very good morning. some fog on the coast. making a pretty good push inland. today is a little system clipping us to the north. i will keep temperatures from warming up too much. san francisco yesterday very, very cool. 62-degrees. we'll go a little warmer today. i think there is more of a northerly breeze coming down the coast. we start off cloudy topmostly cloudy for most locations as well. high pressure is built in. it will continue to build in. a lot of tropical clouds to the south. for us 50s and 60s on these
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temps. 22 fairfield. not too bad. that is picking up if that drop belows 15. most locations have a component of a westerly breeze but it's not that strong. overall temperatures will rebound from the 50s. the fog again going down the coast. it looks like most areas will be right there. yesterday we warmed up inland. morning clouds. slightly warmer to about the same as yesterday. but after we get past tomorrow or later today and tomorrow we will see that fog go down on the deck and near 80s and 90s inland. just actually getting back to near normal. fog, sun, low clouds. temperatures upper 80s for some. a lot of 70s. napa and santa rosa.
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san jose 78. mid 80s pleasanton and livermore. san mateo 72. santa cruz 75. about the same today. tuesday looks slightly warmer into wednesday. another system moves in for a cool down thursday and friday. a scam involving blind dates and there could be more victims. the information from mountain view police. a surfing competition comes to an abrupt end after a ten- year-old gets tangled up with a bull shark. mçó4+y?i
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who caught more than just a wave. >> shark tangled on my leash and pulled me back. and pulled me under. >> he was standing on the beach shouting advice when he realized he wasn't trying to impress the judges. he was trying to escape the jaws of an eight foot long bull shark. >> next thing we know a big bull shark comes up. >> his coach ran in and pulled him out of the water. the directors of the competition canceled the rest of the event. in san jose friends and family of the victims in this
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weekend's deadly car crash are planning a fundraiser. the crash happened at midnight sunday off snell avenue. the five teenagers in the car was leaving a party driving nearly 90 miles an hour when they lost control. >> it's really hard. all the family was at my sister's house this morning. we're just trying to be there for her. >> the 19-year-old driver also died. the three other passengers are still in the hospital. friends are now planning a car wash to help raise money for funeral arrangements and hospital bills. mountain view police are rooking for more potential victims of blind date robberies. on thursday morning they arrested three people in connection with the crime. police say they went online tone pretended to be a young woman who wanted to have sex with men. male victims were told to come
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to a location and they were robbed. police are asking anyone with information to please come forward. heading back to school involves a lot of paper work for parents and students. and much like adults children have to protect themselves against identity theft. the most common things go after is a child's social security number. it says if schools ask for this information, confirm what it is for and who else will see it. california teachers will pay more no start the school year. that is because a new law bans public schools from requiring parents to provide or pay for students supplies. that includes everything from pencils to football uniforms. nay have been spends as much as $1,000 a year to outfit their classrooms. they expect that number to climb this year. our web team has put together a special back to school section
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on there you will find start dates for all bay area school districts and pictures from our own on air talent. stores say that are doing it to fight fraud. they say they want to be able to identify product returners or thief there is walk off with high end products and return the items for store credit. privacy advocates say they need to be notified that records are being kept on their actions. cleanup is under way after san francisco's big music festival. outside lands final lineupish colluded hall and oats and the red hot chile peppers. organizers say hundreds of thousands of people filled the park during that three-day
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festival. the bay area's economic recoverly is boosting property sales at lakota moe. vacation home sales hit their highest level in eight years during the first half of 2013. about one-third of sales in the region include those that live here in the bay area. glee star leah michelle gave a tearful dedication. >> i want to dedicate this award to corey. i promise that with your love, we are going to get through this together. >> her boyfriend and costar corey monteith died last month but last night michelle says she was happy to win best tv actress in a comedy. the entire cast of glee both won best tv show.
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next season will premier next year. a new science fiction thriller topped a new weekend box office. stars matt damon and jody foster in a story about a ruined earth. now the r rated we're the millers starring jennifer aniston came in second. coming up next in our 5:00 hour a pedestrian hit and killed in contra costa county. we are out there on the scene of the investigation. we'll take you out there live this morning. it promises to be cheaper than a bullet train. good morning. we are looking at all the traffic around the bay area including highway 4 coming up to the concord area. so far it's off to a good
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start. temperatures inland started to warm up yesterday. will that trend continue or will the cool make another appearance?
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a party bus crashes on a south bay highway late last
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night killing one passenger. we will tell you why chp investigators are still trying to figure out who is driving the bus. we are live in pittsburgh where police may be searching for the driver who struck and killed a man near a taco stand. in just a few hours in san francisco the big announcement from eric holder about the nation's drug laws. good morning. august 12th a live look at the bay bridge. it's a little slow there already. we will check in with sal in a little bit on that. good morning, i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check our weather and traffic. first we are going to steve paulson. he knows about our


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